Instant Results

Our AI based tool gives us instant results to inform you whether or not you are likely to have Covid.

Instant Results


Like any other AI application, our application will not give out 100% accurate results, as it is trained on a limited dataset. The idea is to get more accurate results with more data. If more accurate feedback is required, please scroll down to the ‘Comprehensive Feedback’ section below. 

Reference Images for Chest CT scans and X-rays

Comprehensive Feedback

Get Comprehensive 0-6 CO-RAD scoring from India's best radiologists within 24 hours.

Comprehensive Feedback


Comprehensive 0-6 CO-RADS scoring checked by India’s best radiologists will be available to patients within 24 hours.

For making use of this feature, users are required to load all of scans received by them after their CT scan on a cloud storage platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and share the link on the next page. 

Chest CT scan slices

Lung-IQ Severity Report

Lung-IQ Scoring

Quantification of disease severity within the lungs.

Predible’s LungIQ Severity Report is intended only for patients with RT-PCR confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, for the quantification of disease severity within the lungs. 


We do not make or suggest a diagnosis of any kind. All studies are analyzed by the software, and are not reviewed by medical practitioners. Please contact your respective physicians in case of any clarifications or medical advice.


Treatment Protocol and Guidance

Investigation and Treatment Protocol

An example treatment protocol for patient information

The Application sets out sample guidelines for investigating and treating Covid-19. It sets out an example plan for what kind of action to take based on your response. This tool is for informational purposes for the patients so that they know more about the factors influencing decision making.