The goal of is to provide structured information for patients on Covid-19. The project is openly looking for contribution. Here, we present a roadmap of the activities we have planned out, and the activities that we plan to accomplish going forward. 

CT-Scan X-Ray Covid Detector 

Our AI powered tool is in use, and can be accessed for free at Going forward, our goal is to build a tool that can provide CO-RAD scoring, and provide more accurate results. 

Blood Test Covid Detector 

Blood test covid detector tool is in the Research and Development Stage. Our goal is to develop the tool within the next two weeks. 

Clinical Course

For the Clinical course, our goal is to integrate MetahOS EMRs within our platform. Within the next two weeks, the EMRs will be ready for deployment. 

Patient Community 

Building a patient community will be an ongoing process, however, we plan to have the resources for patient community such as a patient support page out within the next week.